My name is Deekay (for short) and I’m a 23-year-old reader and book blogger from Brunei.

I love books a lot and I’m so passionate about it and also blogging. Books are the only thing that help me escape from the harsh reality of life, and the characters in it are friends I wish I had in real life. As for blogging, I’m doing it because I love to share my review for all the books I’d read, and I love talking about anything book-related a lot.

For those who didn’t know, I’m a multi-genre reader. I read books in a lot of genres, except for Sci-Fi and Spiritual. My top favorite genre will always be Fantasy, although I read Romance the same amount as I read Fantasy too, but Fantasy will always have my heart. It’ll always be my top favorite genre even though I have lots of favorite genres.

I’ve been working with indie authors and the PR who were managing them by helping promote their works on my blog through either joining the blog tours or book blitzes. It’s a great experience and one I won’t forget.

Lastly, I want to say that all my reviews are true and honest. I will always write an honest review because being honest is actually very important. I don’t want to play pretend because that isn’t who I really am. I’m just straight up a honest person and so are the reviews I write—be it negative or positive, but I’ll always write it in a respectful way.

Thank you!

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