Ice and sky

Series: ENA OF ILBREA #3
Publication Date: MARCH 24, 2020
Rating: 5/5


Ancient magic lurks in the shadows.

The Black Bloods’ home is more magnificent than Ena imagined, and more perilous than the life she fled.

The time has come for the Black Bloods to unite against the Guilds, but loyalties born in blood will be tested by fire. And not everyone she loves will survive the flames.

As murder and malice surround her, Ena must prove her innocence or risk a fate worse than death. Facing her enemies will test every friendship she has and risk the heart she has won.

There is no love strong enough to protect her from the path ahead…and the darkest night has yet to come.My reviewI have a lot of things to say about this book and I don’t know where to start. All I can say is that, I loved it. This book, the story, and the plot are all so amazing and just magnificent. This series will always be one of my top favorite YA-Fantasy series. I should also add that this book got me out of my reading slump. I was in a horrible slump and couldn’t bring myself to pick up a book to read, but thankfully this book exist.

Megan always amazed me with her amazing writing and storytelling skills. She has now become one of my most favorite authors. I literally read this book in one sitting and let me just say this…Ice and Sky got me hooked from the very first page until the end. I’ve felt a lot of emotions while reading it and it put me on edge the whole time.

I was happy, anxious, sad, and heartbroken. All four in one. I was happy to know that Ena managed to find her way back to everyone. I was anxious to find out about everyone’s fate and what dangers awaits them. I was sad to know that at the end of this, not everyone will make it out alive. I was heartbroken because of the ending, I knew it would happened eventually but what I didn’t know was who won’t make it out alive. This book wrecked me so hard that I cried a lot.

A lot of things happened in this book. The beasts, the accusations, the trial, the battle, the hidden city, the conflict, and the betrayal. It was a huge chaos and things are going so wild in this book. This time around, all the Black Blood clans finally making a big appearance. Before this, only the Duwead clan making lots of appearance because they are the important ones, and the Brien clan appeared in the previous book but only for a very small part. This time, all appeared to discuss a very pressing matter.

It was truly amazing to see all the Black Blood clans decided to meet with each other in one place. I’ve learned a lot of things from these clans about the mountain, and I do feel like the hidden city under the mountain will play a huge part in the next book. The moment the clan leaders asked Ena about it, I knew the subject of the hidden/abandoned city will be discussed. What if it will play a huge role in the next book? It could be a possibility (I’m just predicting).

Also, the conflict between the clans only thickens the plot. Finding out who sent the beasts after the leader of the clan and who murdered one of the clans’ leader just gets bigger and interesting. At least this book revealed the traitor and who betrayed their own clan. It was nice to see the clan leaders step up and discussing things together, although they argued a lot. I do hope these clan leaders will stick together in order to face the evil clan and the evil sorcerers. I’m looking forward to find out what will they do next.

Moving on to the traitor. This part shocked me a lot. Finding out who betrayed the Duwead clan was a jaw-dropping moment. It was truly an unexpected surprise. I knew someone in the clan cannot be trusted, it was mentioned in the previous book already. The only thing I didn’t know at that time was the identity of the traitor. What a shocking thing to know now that the identity of the traitor was revealed in this book. There are some new informations that the traitor revealed here, and yet the story left me with a lot of unanswered questions. I do hope I get all the answers I need in the next book.

This book also showed what Lygan Hall looks like. Ever since I first heard about it, I wanted to know how majestic is this place. Glad that this time, the story took place in Lygan Hall for the majority of it. The place was beautiful and that is where everyone in the Duwead clan lives. I do hope any dangers doesn’t reach Lygan Hall. In case it does, then I hope everyone is ready to fight back.

I was also glad to see the children that Ena and Finn saved back in the previous book again. Evie, Gwen, Dorran, and Cinni are the precious children with amazing abilities. It warms my heart to see them happy and healthy living with the Duwead clan. At least now they finally have a nice place to live where they are being surrounded by good people who were willing to help them and look after them.

It’s time to talk about the main characters now. Liam, Emmett, Ena, and Finn…these four characters will always be the best four in this saga. They are my favorites but Finn will always have a special place in my heart, he is the top-tier character to me.

Liam as usual is acting like a true leader because he is the leader of his clan. I liked how he has become a well-developed character now. He’s more open now than he was before, and he doesn’t keep secrets from Ena like he did before just for the sake of protecting her. This book really showed Liam as a leader a lot more, and his leadership skill shine this time around. He wasn’t afraid of any challenges and he was still overprotective which is understandable. He is an overall a great leader. The way he spoke out loud, command everyone’s attention, and given orders to his guards only proved that he is born to lead, and worthy enough to be the leader of his own clan.

Emmett is…well, I was speechless to see him turned into someone so deadly when Ena asked him to stop the traitor. The way Ena described him at that moment made me see how terrifying Emmett can be. No wonder a lot of people are terrified of him and why the stories about the great Emmett Ryeland is true. I’ve known he was terrifying and scary from how people talked about him in the previous books, only I’ve never seen his deadliest side before…until this book. Even though he doesn’t appeared a lot in this book, he still managed to stole the spotlight even for a little bit when he came back for Ena and faced the clan leaders in full rage. He is just as amazing as he was before. Most importantly, I finally knew the story of how he saved Liam’s life and why everyone praised him a lot (I’ve been wondering about it before). Emmett is a hero and is a selfless human being. The fact that he would do anything to protect Ena was really sweet, they clearly have a healthy and good siblings bond. They don’t have any other family members, they only have each other, and the Duwead clan has become their new family where they truly belonged with.

Ena is still the same as before but with new developments made on her character. She was still the brave and strong young woman, but what I liked about her new development is that she wasn’t stubborn anymore and she managed to control her temper. Before this she was angry a lot, and hard to control her own temper which really made it hard for me to like her character a lot even though she is one of my favorites. She has become more patient here and more compliant than she was before. I was actually glad for these upgrades. The only thing she needs an upgrade is her swords-fighting skill.

I also loved seeing how she was still standing strong despite facing false accusations this time. Nothing and no one can break her spirit, and I do believe that she was born to do something great and to be something great despite having zero magical abilities which she had proven time and time again. When everyone was questioning on why the mountains sheltered her, I was wondering if she actually have magic in her blood but her power is dormant hence the reason why everyone and herself thought she is in fact a normal person who doesn’t have magic. It’s highly unlikely that will happen, not that I hope it would eventually happen, I’m just guessing but it could also be a possibility. I seriously need the next book to find out more, and I need it right now!

Finn on the other hand is still the same precious Finn. He’s still a charmer, still a mood-maker who always bring a lot of joy, still being that one person to lighten up a dull situation, and still the most admirable person. I loved him, truly. He will always be my top favorite character in this saga. He was so protective here just like he was before, and whenever he appeared in the story, he automatically put a smile on my face. He was a fun character and it was nice knowing him. I just didn’t see that ending coming for him. I was so heartbroken to find out his fate here. I couldn’t believe it happened to him out of all people. Why do my favorite characters named Finn always fated to leave the world first before the others? First, it was Finn from The Arcana Chronicles, and now Finn from Ena of Ilbrea. Characters named Finn aren’t so lucky, I guess.

He will truly be missed. I loved his character so much that I don’t know how to cope with losing him. That was the most heartbreaking scene to me. Who will light up everyone’s day now that he wasn’t here anymore? Who will be making jokes and won’t stop talking about how much they love foods now? And who will be Ena’s partner now when it comes to completing a mission? Finn and his love for foods will remain as one of the most memorable moments in this saga. As much as it hurts, I’m sure everyone will remember him and will keep his memories alive. He is a hero just as much as Emmett and Liam. He will be proud of his friends knowing they will keep fighting to protect each other and the mountains from all sorts of evil. I can only imagined him looking down at his friends from up there with a huge smile on his face just being proud of them and cheering for them even when they couldn’t see and hear him. *actually crying while typing this*

Lastly, Orla. She was mentioned for dozens of time before and only now that she finally made an appearance. I’m not going to lie that I actually find her to be so intimidating at first. She is the Elder of the Duwead clan and I knew just where Liam inherit his excellent leadership skill from. At first I disliked her for accusing Ena of something she didn’t do, but Orla truly surprised me in a lot of ways. At first she was cold and just being plain rude to Ena, but later on redeemed herself and defended Ena. Overall, Orla is a great and strong character and I wasn’t sure what to feel about her character yet, but I admit it was good to finally meet her in this book and hope to see more of her in the next book.

Now moving on to the romance between Liam and Ena. Before this, whenever they were together, Liam backed away because to him, if he distanced himself away from Ena that means he was protecting her but that actually just hurt her feelings more. There was too much angst before but now I’m happy to see things are going fine and smooth between them. There are no more distancing oneself from the other. To see them finally embracing their relationship and just being the sweet couple they are truly makes me smile. After the heavy obstacles they both faced in this book, they deserved to have all the peaceful time in the world to themselves, for them to enjoy their romantic time. The things they had to face here aren’t as extreme as it was in the previous books, but still it was quite tough for them because there are too many problems and conflicts in this one and they managed to get out of it alive just fine.

Liam and Ena trust each other and always be honest to one another, I have no doubt that their relationship will be going okay. I liked seeing the progress of their relationship throughout the series, and how it slowly developed into a wonderful romantic relationship between two people. I hope things will end up well for them both in the next book. To be honest, I was scared of what awaits them next but these two had proven time and time again that whatever dangers coming for them, they will always win. So I have no doubt they can handle whatever comes next (I surely hope they know what to do because I can’t survive another heartbreak).

It was an enjoyable book to read and I basically devoured this beautiful story. I was left speechless and didn’t know what to say about it because it was just so epic and very mind-blowing. There are still things left unanswered and a lot more to discover like what make the Guilds as evil as everyone said, what secrets are they keeping from everyone, and who is the leader of the Guilds. I do hope there will be a series that will focus on the Guilds only, because I want to learn more about them and to get to know them a bit better. They do deserve their own books since they didn’t appear too much in this series even though they’ve been mentioned a lot of times by the main characters.

Also as for this series, the next book is the final book and I do hope it will tell the readers whether the legends about the mountains are true, and what Finn said about the mountains and the stone magic here are real (because I believed that what Finn said isn’t completely wrong), and also the conflicts between the clans are bigger than anyone expected. The next book will be more wild than this one but in a good way of course, and I can’t wait to read it. It was great to see the story is progressing and to see these characters back again on an intense adventure to continue their journey. I loved it and I’m so excited for the next book.

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