Getting dirty

Publication Date: FEBRUARY 1, 2020


Sometimes digging up the dirt

Means getting deliciously dirty…

I always work for the good guys. My job was simple: get the dirt of Coco Lauren, a princess of a socialite who talks—and plays—dirty. But I kissed her. I tasted her. Uncovered the tantalizing woman beneath the polished facade. And she undid me in every way. Now I’m the bad guy. But how do I tell Coco the truth…when coming clean means losing her?


My reviewRating: 5/5

I’m in love with Ash Livingston!

Honestly, this book was one of the best romance book I ever read. Loved the storyline and the intriguing plot about a brother who wanted to take down his own sister. The story was so engaging and I thoroughly enjoyed it from the beginning to the end.

The story focuses on Coco and Ash’s relationship, Coco’s life as an heiress, and Ash’s work as a private investigator. I find the story so enjoyable, and I was so invested in finding out the reason why Philip wanted Ash to spy on Coco. I was like, “why is he so hell-bent on destroying his own sister?” I just don’t get his motive at first. I did have a theory on why, which later on proved to be correct when everything was revealed.

This story is unique in a lot of ways, and it definitely isn’t your typical romance story. Honestly, this is far from contemporary romances which was fine and definitely better. I really loved this type of romance book that has good storyline with an actual plot. This isn’t the type of story you can easily predict, because there are so many direction this story can go for and the ending can be a bit unpredictable. Overall, this is a wonderful story. And I truly loved it.

As for the characters, they are so fun to read and all were written so well. I find it so mesmerizing how the characters in this book are so likable, and all of them have good qualities.

Coco Lauren is the heroine in this story, and she is not your typical heroine. She has a good heart, love to help others, but so hard to figure out. She might look so strong from the outside, but on the inside she was ready to break. I really get her, and I understood her reasoning on why she doesn’t always let people truly know her—the real her. She always guard her heart, and always pretend like she was okay when in fact she wasn’t. Coco is a very relatable person. She always worried about her grandmother and always careful with the moves she made. Being an heiress is a tough job, and I get why she had to put on a tough act. The more I read the story, the more I learn about the true Coco—the side that she doesn’t let anybody see. Honestly, she is a very down-to-earth kind of person, and her character growth in the story was in fact better. She definitely had a great character development, and I find her to be so admirable.

Ash Livingston is near too-perfect, but he does have some flaws too. I loved him, and I’m so in love with his character. He is a very swoon-worthy hero and is just the best. Where can I find a man like Ash who is not only protective but also supportive? Ash literally caught me off guard with his charm, his amazing attitude, and his strong personality. He always supports Coco, and protect her in any way that he can, and he always make sure she is safe from anything or anyone that can tear her down. Ash is an overall a good man, but he just made a bad decision that can jeopardize his relationship with Coco. I admit that he doesn’t always have a good judgment of people, but he learned from his mistake and try to better himself. His character slowly develops in the story, and I liked the development the author gave Ash’s character, it was fitting. I also get to learn a bit more about his past and why he acted a bit cold toward Coco in the beginning of the story. He was hurt before and he couldn’t risk feeling that way again, but I’m glad he slowly opens up about his past and try to move on and see things in a different perspective. Ash is a wonderful hero in the story, and I can’t help but keep falling for him every time he did something that made me swoon.

Coco and Ash’s relationship was very sweet, and so romantic. But their bond was tested once Ash’s secret came out which is to be expected. I did see it coming, hence the reason why I was afraid and nervous the whole time because of how Coco will react to his deception. I get why he kept his secret for so long from her, but still, he should’ve been honest with her.

Their relationship for the most part was smooth and steady, and their romance was wonderful. Both of them were trying not to fall in love with each other because of their past experience, and how they couldn’t risk getting their heart broken again. Coco was afraid Ash use her for her title or her money, and Ash was afraid history will repeat itself if he fall for a woman like Coco after what happened to him in his previous relationship. It was complicated for them to handle their feelings, but they can’t deny the fact that they already started falling for each other.

I love the whole process of their relationship, and how they take it slow—not too slow, but still slow. Coco and Ash are so compatible together, they are the perfect fit for one another in so many ways. The more time they spend together, the more their characters grow, and the more their relationship develop into something much better. It was hard for them to let each other in, but they were trying. Their effort to make things between them happen for real doesn’t go to waste. Truthfully, their romance was so steamy and so beautiful. It was amazing to witness how everything works out for them.

The ending of this book was wonderful. It has a very beautiful ending, and I loved how everything with Philip, Coco, and Ash was sorted out. Also I was glad to know things are going well with Philip and Coco, and their little conversation at the end was so touching. I was happy to know Philip realizing how wrong he was for targeting Coco in the first place. Everything wraps up pretty great. Ash and Coco finally get the happiness they wanted. It was a very delightful story, and can be enjoy by many. This book left me feeling so satisfied and I had a huge smile on my face after finishing it.


Rachael Stewart adores conjuring up stories for the readers of Harlequin Mills & Boon and Deep Desires Press, with tales varying from the heart-warmingly romantic to the wildly erotic.

Despite a degree in Business Studies and spending many years in the corporate world, the desire to become an author never waned and it’s now her full-time pleasure, a dream come true.

A Welsh lass at heart, she now lives in Yorkshire with her husband and three children, and if she’s not glued to her laptop, she’s wrapped up in them or enjoying the great outdoors seeking out inspiration.



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