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Another Blogtober post? Why not, right! The Blogtober topic for today is WITCHY READS, created by JennieLy

In this post, I’m going to show you some of my favorite witchy reads, and I’m going to talk a little bit about it. But first let’s just talk about witchy.

What is WITCHY?

Witchy means relating to, resembling, or characteristic of a witch.

Without wasting any more time, let’s see what are some of my favorite witchy reads.


EVENFALL by Gaja J. Kos & Boris Kos


A monster does not deserve the intimacy of a name.

As if waking up in an unfamiliar world isn’t enough of a surprise, Ember gains a new title to her name. Savior.

Hunted by the Crescent Prince and his lethal shadows, she accepts a young Mage’s help to navigate the land of blood magic and its many illusions. But where Ada sees the good in her power, Ember discovers something else.

An icy darkness, designed to take lives, not save them.

The only thing worse than not being able to rely on her senses—or the reality she had once believed to be true—is knowing that she cannot trust her heart. Especially as it seems to draw her to the one person in whose hands she can never fall…

Will Ember escape the thrall of darkness or will she reign in it?


I’d read this book last year and let me just tell you this. It has the most complex world-building and sometimes it can be too confusing if you don’t pay attention to every single detail. But, it was a nice and enjoyable story. The heroine, Ember, well…her shadow magic was mesmerizing and some may find it scary because of what it can do.

The story has a lot of fun and dangerous adventures in it, especially knowing Ember is being hunted. And you’ll find the hero-supposed-to-be-villain named Mordecai to be so powerful and is very much in control. But he’s not all that bad, you’ll understand once you read the book. Mordecai and Ember have similar power, and there are a lot of interesting stuffs that these two along with Ember’s squad discovered in the story. There are so many intense magic moments, and the magical artifacts play a huge role in the story. The way I see it, Ember is kind of a witch, and I think Ada’s mother is one too if I recall correctly.

If you want to try reading fantasy story that have a highly complex world-building like stories from High-Fantasy or Epic-Fantasy, then this book is a good start.


KNIGHTSHADE series by John Grover


It is the year 1412 in the continent of Eurone. King Gravynmere has sent some of his best soldiers to investigate strange stories in the nearby border town of Faxon. The men will soon learn there is more truth than fancy to these stories, for something walks in the fields, something with cloven hooves and fire dripping from its hands.

The king will rally his son, Prince Quinn, his entire army and all of the Kingdom of Vanosia to confront the very forces of darkness in an epic tale of adventure, magic and mystery as the veil between their world and Perdition grows thin.

Join the Prince as he battles for his land, his people and his beloved on a mission that will take him to ends of the world and back, through pain and sacrifice, war and horror as what is below claws its way to above.


The Great War with Perdition has ended but all is not well in the continent of Eurone. Prince Quinn, half human, half shade, lives in exile at the hands of his father, King Harlequin. The King withers into depression, leaving the kingdom of Vanosia weakened and open to attack. It is now that the Shrouded Woman seeks vengeance for the death of her sister at the hands of Prince Quinn. She will stop at nothing to see the extermination of the royal family and all of Vanosia.

In this sequel to Knightshade: Perdition Bleeds, the forces of darkness and light will once again collide in an action-packed, fantasy tale of family secrets, dark history, forgiveness and redemption. Prince Quinn is the only way to stop the dark shadow magic of the Shrouded Woman and the scourge she has unleashed upon the world. He must learn that to finally bring peace to the kingdom he will need to not only face the truth of the Shrouded Woman’s identity but the truth about his own family as well.


The Knightshade series is one of my favorite Dark Fantasy series that I read this year. It was so dark and horrifying, but also epic and full of amazing adventures.

The first book introduced shadow magic, and some terrifying demonic creatures like ‘the shade.’ And in the second book, a dark witch used her own threatening shadow magic to do her works.

Both books are epic, both books have an extremely dark tone. The shadow magic is the main magic for the Knightshade series. It was described as the most powerful magic, until the heroine, Eloise used her magic which is still unidentifiable. I can’t wait to explore more about her magic and its origin, because no one has seen that kind of power before. So that really intrigues me.

The Shrouded Woman is an evil witch in the story, and the damage she had done just proved how strong she is, but she still didn’t stood a chance against Eloise. The Shrouded Woman’s abilities and powers are terrifying enough to scare a lot of people, but Prince Quinn in his shade-self managed to handle her without breaking a sweat.

There’s a lot of magic and dark witchcraft in the story, and if you like a fantasy story with more darker tone and a lot of horror, then I suggest you to try pick this one up.


THE SHRIKE & THE SHADOWS by Chantal Gadoury & A.M. Wright

The shrike and the shadows

Men have gone missing before.

The village of Krume is plagued by a haunted wood and a hungry witch. It’s been that way for as long as Hans and Greta can remember, though they have never seen the witch themselves; no one has.

When men start to disappear once again in the cover of night – their bloody hearts turning up on doorsteps – the village falls into frenzied madness.

Hans and Greta, two outcast orphans, find themselves facing accusations of witchcraft and are met with an ultimatum: burn at the stake, or leave the village forever. With nowhere else to go, they abandon their only home.

As they venture into the strange forest, their path is fraught with horrific creatures, wild and vivid hallucinations, and a mysterious man tied to the witch’s past.

The Shrike is watching, just beyond the deep darkness of the woods.


This one is a very nice and haunting story that involved a heavy witchy elements. It’s a retelling of Hansel & Gretel. If you’re familiar with the tales of the twin siblings, then you might want to check this one out.

I just finished reading an ARC this book last week, and I haven’t finish writing my review yet! I’m hoping to get it done just before Samhain day.

The witch in the story is very wicked, and it was very hard to defeat her. So I expect a sequel is coming after how the story ended. Her magic is stronger and powerful, so I don’t know how the twins and the mysterious man will defeat her, but I’m sure they’ll find a way.

This story is very-very gloomy, so eerie, and so terrifying. All the bloods, and the brutal murders will make you want to turn away. But the plot twist will make you want to stay. There’s a lot more about the witch that hasn’t been revealed yet in the story, so I’m waiting for the sequel to get more answers.

If you love the tale of Hansel & Gretel, and a bloodthirsty story of a wicked witch who murders men and young male children, then try to read this one when it comes out next year.



The haunting at paradise house

If you were given the chance to become a powerful sorceress, would you leave behind everything you thought you knew?

When Addison is offered the position of her dreams through a mysterious phone call, she rises to the occasion and moves to the Florida Keys to a mansion called Paradise House.

Footsteps from playful ghosts, a room of killer dolls, and an all too intelligent owl lead her to the mysteries that lie within the walls, to reveal the true reason behind her invitation. When dark forces get a hold of her and her patient, Addison is left with no choice but to take extreme measures to protect the ones she loves.

Will Addison be able to acquire the necessary skills fast enough in order to protect her patient, and defeat the evil entities that thrive in the mansion?


There’s a lot of witchy stuffs and magical things going on in the story. Addison who is the protagonist of the story, well she managed to conjure a spell using a spell book, and her newfound powers help her whenever she was in a very deadly situations.

The villain isn’t a witch, but the protagonist certainly is. Addison has an ability of a witch, but she’s a nice person overall. I really loved all the magical elements in the story, and there are some dead spirits and grim reapers too. So that was truly exciting!

If you want to read a story that has all supernatural and magical or witchy things in one, then this is the perfect book to read. It has everything a fantasy story needs.


RULED BY SHADOWS by Jayne Castel

Ruled by shadows

Lilia is a shifter–yet she lives in a world where her kind have been hunted to near extinction.

Desperate to escape her small-minded village, and ignoring her mother’s warnings, she moves to a bustling port for a fresh start. But her new life, and her real identity, are put at risk when an enigmatic stranger leaves a charm-stone in her safekeeping.

What appears to be a humble hag stone–used by folk to ward off evil spirits–is in reality a powerful talisman. One that a secret brotherhood has spent five-hundred years searching for.

On an epic journey into danger and discovery, Lilia flees assassins who hunt the stone. Two men travel with her, both pledging to protect her. But which one can she trust?

The shadows are deepening and an ancient evil risks being unleashed upon the world. Lilia must face the darkness, and embrace who she really is…or there will be no going home.


This is one of the most epic and adventurous High-Fantasy story. It was truly epic, beautiful, and just pure amazing.

The magic in this one is very different and very unique compared to majority of fantasy story. The magic is shadow magic too, but totally different from other types of shadow magic. I loved this one more, because it was just so captivating in so many ways.

There are two groups of enchanters, light and dark. What they are capable of doing is very interesting, and how their magic works is not like what I imagined at all. And one of the main character, Ryana, she has an amazing ability. She was referred to as a witch at one point in the story.

The protagonist in the story isn’t as strong and powerful as the other characters, but she was only important due to the stone that a stranger gave to her.

If you want to read something unique and different, and want to feel the epic adventure with more magic in it, then I guess this book is the right one for you.

FYI: Some of the books I listed above are New Adult books with mature themes in it, and suitable for mature and adult readers, because there are some extreme steamy parts in the story.

That’s it for the topic today! Only ONE more Blogtober post coming in a couple of days, so watch out for that one.

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