Publication Date: APRIL 16, 2019
Rating: 4/5


Can a socialite and a technophobe fall in love?

A bubbly personality and a great job in social media didn’t mean that Willow Lawson had it all. Her love life was distant memory and her social life only work related. The maddening demands of life seemed to get in the way of finding time for herself or her friends. She starts the Pepper Lane Club as a chance to step away from her busy schedule once a month to reconnect with her friends.

Thomas Greer, the proprietor of the Pepper Lane Café, annoys her. He’s her complete opposite; unsociable, serious, old-fashioned and dead set against social media.

Always game for a challenge, Willow decides to take him on as a client. She’s going to prove to Thomas that he needs her help. She knew she would be successful, she just didn’t know she would lose her heart along the way.

Can Willow fall in love with a man that doesn’t respect her profession? Will Thomas let go of his preconceptions long enough to get to know the real Willow? Enjoy this sweet romance as Willow finds love and friendship in the first book in the Pepper Lane Series.My reviewLoved this sweet romance. So many happy and funny moments featuring so many amazing characters. It was a great and enjoyable story.

Meet Willow, a woman who is excellent in doing her job. She’s the queen of promoting businesses on social media and so on. The Pepper Lane Club was something that she came up with, an idea she had in her mind because she wanted to just hang out with her group of friends—girls only—where they can talk about their lives and other things. Enter Thomas, the owner of Pepper Lane Cafe, the quiet and peaceful cafe. He doesn’t know who Willow is, and he only knows her as the woman who insist on helping him promote his business which he’s not interested to do. But he comes around later on and as they work together to promote his business, they started to catch feelings and wonder if they actually like each other.

The whole plot was easily predictable, but that doesn’t mean the story is not enjoyable. I find myself loving this book. I was laughing the whole time because it was so funny due to the amount of hilarious moments in the story.

The whole story doesn’t just focus on building up Thomas and Willow’s relationship, but it also focuses on the bond between sisters, friendship, and the importance of promoting a business through social media. Some people might see this book as just another chick-lit romance and easily dismiss it without trying to pick it up and read it. I’m glad to take an opportunity to read this one, at least this book shows a lot of important things that can be very relatable to real life.

This story were told from Willow’s POV, we get to see more into her head, and learn some important things about her job. As I said, she loved helping people promote their own business and in her case she gets to promote not only Thomas’s business, but also Eric, the owner of Eric’s Cafe. She’s a successful person and what she did bring a huge success to the owners too.

Willow is a great character, she’s independent, have thousands of ideas when it comes to promoting a business and is well-organized when it comes to doing her job. We also get to see how she do it and what she thinks of the success. She loved hanging out at cool and quiet cafes where not many people know about, and she wanted to help it known by many so she discussed her idea with the owner and started to help promote it, and when she successfully did it, the business was booming. But, she somehow felt sad and a little bit unhappy due to a lot of attraction the place gets. I totally can relate to her situation, because I was once feel like that too. Aside from that, we also get to see Willow’s stubborn side and get to witness her on her lowest point where she had a hard time trying to think about her love life and find her own happiness. Despite all her funny side and all her smiles, she actually struggles with her own feelings. There’s more to her on the inside than what she displayed on the outside.

Also, I liked her idea of starting the Pepper Lane Club where she gets to meet with her friends once a month at a cafe and just have a big catching up session together. It makes me think what a great thing it will be if we do that and have a big reunion with our old schoolmates now that we’re going our separate ways ever since we graduated from high school or college or uni a few years ago. Just imagined the chaos of having a catch up session and just talk about what our lives were like now and what the others are doing at this point in their lives. It was a great idea that Willow came up with. I’m sure many of us also thinking about doing the same thing at one point.

Thomas is another great character. The amazing hero where as Willow is the amazing heroine of the story. Thomas is the opposite of Willow. He can be very charming and also a bit flirty, he basically is the definition of ‘confident.’ He’s not the type of social media person like Willow, he doesn’t have social media accounts and loves to keep things quiet, and that’s what I liked about his character, it makes him unique. I thought he was this grumpy person who doesn’t want any help from anyone, but I was wrong! I didn’t expect his character to be so kind, caring, friendly and helpful. He has a lot more confidence compared to Willow, but they do shared some similarities too.

Their relationship wasn’t actually enemies-to-lovers even though it looks like it. Willow couldn’t stand Thomas sometimes, not that she hate him or whatsoever and yet she still agreed to go out with the guy when he asked her. Their relationship is more of a slow-burn type, the tension was high enough and they definitely have an amazing chemistry. I loved the build up of their relationship, but I just feel like the ending wasn’t enough. I wanted to see more of their relationship, I mean…they only started to get official at the last chapter. I was hoping to see more.

Apart from the whole romance thing, the story also focuses on the bond between Willow and her sister, Riley. These two basically supporting each other and always throwing compliments at one another. It shows how close they are, not many siblings are like them, the one that you can easily hang out with and the one that loves to tease you and doesn’t annoy you. I really enjoyed seeing the two of them being supportive of each other. And, bonus mention to Willow’s friendship with her friends that she called Pepper Lane girls. Their friendship was so precious, judging by how close they were together, I can confirmed that these ladies will definitely have each other’s back. I’ve seen it with how all of them was there for Willow when she was feeling down and they help lighten up her mood and supporting her. These ladies are so hilarious and all of them know how to turn things into something so interesting. Imagined having a squad like the Pepper Lane girls, you won’t get bored so easily.

It was just a simple story but definitely memorable. This is the type of story you can’t just forget and one that you can always pick up and read all over again when you’re bored or just didn’t know what to read next.

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